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                               LAW OFFICES OF PAUL V. DOWNEY, P.C.

Paul V. Downey   (214) 572-8675   email

Mr. Downey started his legal career in 1984 with Winstead PC (formerly known as Winstead Sechrest & Minick P.C.), a large  Dallas, Texas firm widely regarded for its diverse and sophisticated real estate law practice.  During his 19 year career at Winstead,  as an associate and later as a shareholder, Mr. Downey gained broad-based experience handling all manner of real estate related transactions. Due to his many years in practice, Mr. Downey also has the added advantage of having worked and negotiated his way through multiple national, regional and local real estate and economic cycles, a matter of relevance and competitive advantage for the discriminating client in the current national crisis. Mr. Downey is rated �AV� by his peers in the legal community under the Martindale-Hubbell® rating system.
Lender Representation.   Mr. Downey has closed literally hundreds of loans for numerous regulated lenders, including large and small national banks, state banks, thrifts, and insurance companies, including construction loans for a variety of project types, loan syndications, lot development loans, acquisition loans, bridge loans, mezzanine loans and permanent loans. He has worked on credits involving up to $2.5 billion of debt, loan restructures, pre-bankruptcy collateral grabs, work-outs, consensual reorganizations and modifications; foreclosures and exercise of other lender remedies, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, complex asset transfer transactions in settlement of debt, property and asset management and REO portfolio disposition; and due diligence for loan portfolio acquisitions.  Mr. Downey has also closed numerous loans for non-regulated lenders, including private equity investors, hard-money lenders, mezzanine lenders and equity partners. Mr. Downey also has considerable experience in evaluating loan transactions for possible usury problems, and avoidance of such problems.
Developer and Owner/Investor Representation.   Mr. Downey�s practice also includes significant experience on the developer/borrower side of the lending equation, with with over 15 years of shopping center and mixed-use development work to his credit, as well as representation of developers of condominium, townhome and TOD (transit oriented development) projects.  In that context, Mr. Downey has drafted and negotiated many limited partnership and LLC agreements, both from the project sponsor and project investor perspectives. On the investor side, including those who are strictly lender investors and those who are active co-developers.  Developer representation has also included a variety of other roles and tasks, including land-use planning issues (zoning, condemnations/dedications, plat approvals, and related), lot assemblage and land acquisitions, parcel sales, development, management and leasing agreements, retail leases, governmental approvals, public/private partnerships (development agreements between private client and municipality), and other matters relating to development.  Mr. Downey has also represented owners of income-producing properties with respect to leasing, management, sale and acquisition matters.
Other Matters.   Mr. Downey�s practice has also included numerous opportunities to act as local counsel to a variety of out-of-state clients, including both buyers and sellers of income-producing and other properties, out-of-state owners of Texas properties faced with defaulted tenants, boundary disputes or regulatory/code enforcement issues, and borrowers in need of legal counsel for loans secured by Texas properties. As local counsel, Mr. Downey has issued numerous mortgage lending opinions in the context of securitized loans (i.e., CMBS, structured finance or conduit loans).  Other matters handled by Mr. Downey include asset purchase and disposition transactions; formation, governance and representation of homeowner associations for planned communities (residential subdivisions, condominium and townhome associations); property dispute resolution; and real property title curative matters. 


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